Mad About Mangoes

It’s that time of the year folks … it’s the Mango Season!
And while there are hundreds of varieties of mangoes in the market right now, the only one I’m excited about is the Indian Alphonso mango.

It’s in season only from April to June or July. When ripe, it’s sweeter and a lot less fibrous than other varieties of the fruit. It also has a distinctive and delicate aroma that easily differentiates it from other mangoes.

It’s a delicacy, an obsession and if you ask me, you really haven’t lived until you’ve had one.

The Alphonso mango is grown mainly in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, the capital of which is Bombay, or Mumbai as it’s now called. Come late March, fruit vendors start proudly displaying Alphonso mangoes on their stands. That’s still early in the season and I remember as a kid i’d start pestering my dad to buy some as soon as they arrived. But being a practical middle-class family, we’d wait a week or two until the initial buying frenzy subsided and the prices cooled off a bit.

Now that I live in Hong Kong, that process is not as straightforward. But at least Alphonso mangoes are exported here. While that makes them a bit more expensive, who can put a price on all the sweet memories it invokes? I left my number at the local Indian store last week to call me as soon as they arrived. And I promptly picked them up when they did. My husband came along to witness my joy as I skipped home with a box of mangoes in tow and the biggest smile on my face.

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